What are the Different Types of Websites

A website refers to a location connected to the internet, capable of supporting one or several pages on the World Wide Web. Put differently, a website is a location made up of many Web Pages , which can only be accessed through a homepage via the internet. Websites provides the means through which parties convey message(s) to the targeted users. A website can be Static or Dynamic. Interestingly, anyone can create a website! Today, i am going to take you through different types of websites.


A blog refers to a website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group. It is an example of a dynamic website; that is, the owner has to update its content on a regular basis.  The owner of a blog commonly referred to as a blogger writes about something he or she loves or is passionate about in a casual and in a conversational way.

Personal Website

A Personal Website is a collection of web pages created by people about themselves. It contains content that is personal. Owners of these websites can publish their personal stories, share their adventurous encounters or probably show off their beautiful family. It can be used as a career-marketing site where the content includes skills, experience and a resume.

E-commerce Website

An E-commerce website is more of an online shop. It facilitates moneymaking transactions.  Examples of E-commerce website are Amazon.com, jumia.com, eBay, flip kart and many more.

Photo sharing Websites

A photo-sharing website is a group of web pages used to upload, store and share photos. Examples of photo sharing sites include Flicker, Pinterest, Instagram and others.

Business Websites

A business website gives information about various aspects of the business including its background, mission statement, vision, and products and services it offers, among other things.  Example of a business website include Safaricom

Community Websites

A community website is a group of website that contains important content prepared only for its members. This type of website often comes in different forms. It may be a collection of blogs, a discussion forum on the internet, or a social network service. Community websites encourage exchange of communication, networking, and many more.

News Website

A news website publicizes news. Examples of News Website include: CNN, BBC, FOX News, The Washington Post.

Social Networking Website

This site allows users to create profile within the same site. Through this site, users are able to form relationships with other users through accessing their public profiles. In a Social Networking Website a user can connect with other users whom they share similar interests. Users in this site are able to communicate, share content and perhaps pictures. Examples of Social Networking Websites include Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Web Directory

A Web Directory is a list or entries of Websites on the internet and is usually organized into categories. A web directory allows website owners to submit their site for it to be included in the directory. One of the oldest Web Directory is the World Wide Web Virtual Library. Other examples of Web Directories are Best of the Web and Hotfrog India, which is a commercial Web Directory.


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