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What is SEM/Search Engine Marketing?

It is obvious how many times you have heard digital experts say the term Search Engine Marketing. I too heard it many times before, until I attended a Social Media and Digital Marketing training Program at Kuza Biashara and came to understand it, thanks to my genius trainer Paul Hughson. Today, I will take you through what Search Engine Marketing is.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that involves driving traffic to websites through increasing their visibility in Search Engine Results Pages also referred to as (SERPS). This is usually done either through paid advertising or through unpaid advertising.

Types of Search Engine Marketing:

PPC – Pay-Per-Click

Pay per Click (PPC) is an online marketing approach commonly known as Cost per Click (CPC). In this internet-marketing model, an individual or a company that has put up an advertisement on a certain website pays a specified amount of money to the website that has hosted the advertisement whenever an internet user clicks on it. To be precise, PPC is a method of using Search Engine Marketing to earn clicks to ones website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization on the other hand is the process of increasing the number of Internet users to a specific website by making sure that the web pages become visible high on Search Engine Result Pages. In most cases, SEO involves reediting websites content, the HTML used and any other linked coding to increase both its relevance to keywords specified and to detail user intent.

I hope you have had a clear understanding of what Search Engine Marketing is. Be on the lookout for my next post, which will focus on the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing.


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