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Six Easy Steps to verify your WordPress Site on Google Search Console

I am getting excited everyday! Learning new technology tips every session is my passion. I recently created a blog and I wanted to add it on Google Search Console Tool, previously known as Google Webmaster tool. Google Search Console is a SEO tool offered by Google to help you manage your site. I thought, mmmmh, this is just a walk over. Who can’t do this? Wait, until I tried it and it became a mountain to climb!

Here are simple steps to help you verify your WordPress site on Google Search Console

Log in to Google Search Console

As long as you have a Google Gmail account, there is no need to create one. Sign into your Gmail account, then go to Google Search Console and then click on “add a property”. Property here is referred to as your Website.

Add the URL of your Website

Once you click on “add a property”, you will be required to add the URL of your website. The URL usually has the following format;

Obtain the Meta Tag

meta tag image

To get the Meta Tag, click on alternative methods of verifying the ownership of your property. Then click on HTML Tag. Now, you will be required to add the HTML Tag to the Homepage of your website.

Sign into your Website

To add the HTML Meta Tag to the Homepage of your website, you need to sign into your Website. Once you have signed in, click on the “settings” and then click on the “Traffic”.

Paste your HTML Meta Tag

HTML Meta Tag Description

On the Traffic page, you will see an option for Site Verification Services. Click on “Google”, paste the HTML Meta Tag, and then save the settings.

One last Step

Finally, go back to Google Search Console Tool and Verify the Ownership of the Website. Well done for adding your site on Google!

I hope you have had an easy time trying to add your site on Google. Did you find this article helpful?

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