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Carrying The Dream, Till The Dream Carries Me.

It was a great, unforgettable experience attending the digital marketing program at Kuza Biashara. Being one of the selected candidates, I was able to interact with experienced and intelligent instructors, brilliant young women, and amazing photographers, among other great people. Personally, I believe that this program was not only organized, but also successful. I enjoyed myself during the two months program, as most of the classes and discussions were very interesting and educative.

Our instructors covered various topics and areas, which are very critical for individuals aspiring to improve their businesses through digital marketing or those who would like to advance their careers in digital marketing. In this blog, i am glad to share with you some of the interesting things that I learnt throughout the program.

During the program, we were able to attend different classes, which, in my opinion, touched on five distinct areas/subjects relevant to digital marketing. These five key areas include lessons on disciplines of digital marketing, Neuro-linguistic programming lessons, interviews lessons, Photography and filming lessons, and important Lifeskills that a digital marketer should have.

Disciplines of Digital Marketing

Paul Hughson, in his classes, took us through the various disciplines of digital marketing including SEM, social media marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, email marketing, web analytic, search engine optimization, and PPC advertising. I learnt that these disciplines are critical to business owners aiming to enhance their business/brand identity online and that a brand should be able to speak to its customers, and, at the same time, transfer its intended message effectively to its targeted audience. Mr. Hughson always kept us engaged with daily assignments and assessments that kept us studying hard.  Most of Hughson’s classes, especially the blog development class was extremely exciting,  as we were taught to develop our own blogs. Prior to attending the program, I had tried to create a blog, but to no avail. I now have a personal blog ,and I have been working towards making it rank high on the Search Engine Results Pages, as taught by Mr. Paul through the topic of Search Engine Optimization.

Neuro-linguistic Programming Lessons

Avin Shah, an experienced life couch in NLP, took us through interesting classes including communication model, Representational systems, cause and effect, anchoring techniques, Rapport, Eye Patterns among others. During her lessons, I learnt that I perceive things differently due to different filters (beliefs, values, memories) that I have in my mind. It is through these lessons that I became confident by concentrating on my unconscious me and becoming aware of myself. In addition, I learnt that I should take responsibilities and create experiences in a learning, exciting way. In summary, i came to learn that the meaning of my communication is in the response I get, be it from a customer, an employer, family member, friend or a stranger.

Lifeskills Lessons

Sriram Bharatam and Julius Nyaga took us through different Lifeskills lessons. Specifically, Sriram ignited a life passion in me and showed me how to give it a purpose. He reminded me of lifetime goal setting. Did you know that a goal in mind, written down and shared with mentors has a successful rate of 75 percent? Now you know.

In another class by Julius Nyaga, he taught us that the mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation and that our dreams should be bigger than our capabilities. That is when I started to know myself, accept and start the journey of life improvement. Thanks to you now, I read more than I watch TV!

Photography and Filming Lessons

Yvonne Debora and Vaines Jedilia enlightened me on how to make my brand visible by improving on my image. As expected, their classes were very engaging and insightful.  I learnt that in order to enhance my brand visibility through my image/photograph, I must always check on saturation, make the image tidy, and ensure utmost understanding of the settings of my camera. One of the most insightful things I learnt during these lessons was a concept known as the rule of thirds, which describe the lines that divide your photograph both horizontally and vertically on your camera. The lines help a photographer to position the subject. In essence, these lessons enabled me to acquire valuable skills in photography and filming. In fact,I believe that I can confidently shoot an amazing photo of my brand and post it online.


Interview Preparation Lessons

Kamau Mugure explained to us on how to prepare ourselves for interviews in the future. I have to admit that I have always been the kind of a person who tend to become very nervous during interview sessions. Mr. Mugure’s classes were very inspiring, as they  helped me to overcome my fears. I learnt that I should look at an interview session as a conversation. Additionally, he helped us come up with a professional profile on LinkedIn. I am proud to say that my LinkedIn profile is an All Star Profile now.

In Conclusion

I can confidently say that it is because of being bold and going an extra mile that motivated me to pursue the full digital marketing course. Having acquired the skills and knowledge in digital marketing, I am now ready to enter into this rewarding career. As told by James Keru, a Social Media Analyst, great digital marketers must be willing to do extra tasks, be hard working, and continuously experiment with digital marketing tasks. I am already prepared and ready to launch a campaign for a business with the mastered digital marketing skills.

Each of these girls is talented in her own way. I am glad to have met them, share ideas and interests and work together as a team. We are a family of digital marketers.


Finally, I would like to pass my heart-felt thank you to people and organizations that made this program a reality. Thank you to Kuza Biashara, SITA-ITC, Sriram Bharatam, Paul Hughson, Avin Shah, Julius Nyaga, Yvonne Debora, Vaines Jedilia, Kamau Mugure, James Keru among others. I have achieved a lot from this enlightening and fantastic program.


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