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Life as a Digital Marketer

As I write this blog, it is exactly 2 and a half months since I graduated from Kuza Biashara with a certificate in Social Media and Digital Marketing. My experience at Kuza, as I had mentioned in my last blog Carrying The Dream, Till The Dream Carries Me., was not only vivid , but also unforgettable. I would forever cherish the opportunity Kuza Biashara gave me. I had the opportunity to interact with brilliant colleagues as well as with talented trainers and instructors.

Soon after graduating, I was one of the luckiest girls to get an internship. I landed an internship at Allwin Packaging International Limited. Allwin Packaging is a Small and Medium Enterprise company that supplies packaging and coding machines. It is one of the leading supplier of Packaging and Coding Machines in East Africa. In fact, Allwin Packaging has been ranked Top 100 best SMEs in Kenya for the last 3 consecutive years. It is the only authorized distributor of ISHIDA machines in East Africa. How lucky was I to be a part of a great team!

On 19th May 2017, I received a call from the Owner and C.E.O of Allwin Packaging International Limited asking me to attend an interview the next day. I was extremely excited for the opportunity to sell my skills and expertise to him. That night, I did a lot of research on the company.

I woke up the next day sober and prepared for the interview. I arrived in his luxurious office at 2:30 pm. I was received with a warm smile from Him. He asked me to have a seat. I wasn’t nervous at all (I still don’t understand why to this day). I was confident and my esteem was high, ready to answer any question with wits, thanks to my life coach Avni Shah who taught me anchoring techniques. I had anchored confidence throughout the morning.

Correspondingly, the interview went on well. No sooner had the interview ended, than He told me that I had passed the interview and that I was to report as soon as possible. Following some negotiations, we agreed that I was to report on 22nd May 2017. I was over joyed, as I could not believe that the whole process was going to be that ‘calm and cool’ (for lack of better words).

When I reported to work, on 22nd May 2017, my very first task was to design a website. I had not designed a professional website before and this was giving me sweaty palms. I thought, “How am I going to design this with my little experience? The only (thing closest to a website) that I had designed before was this tiny, basic blog of mine?”  Anyway, I was ready to learn.

During my first day as a digital marketer, I was able to publish more than 10 web pages, add image alt tags, do on-page optimization, and many more. I already felt like an experienced digital marketer. It is exactly two and a half months since I joined Allwin Packaging International Limited and I can confidently say that I have gained considerable experience in this field!

In particular, I have gained a lot of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing, among other areas related to digital marketing. Apart from gaining Digital Marketing experience, I have had a chance to learn all kinds of packaging and coding machines available in the world. Some of the machines I have learnt about include Weighers, Sealers, Filling and Capping machines, Labeling machines, Wrappers, Shrink Tunnels and Packers, Strapping machines, Water purification systems, Coding machines and all packaging consumables among others. Indeed, I am privileged to have joined or to be associated with Allwin.

On my next blog, I will give you the link to Allwin fully designed website so you can have a look at what I have done so far. The lessons that I have learnt so far as a digital marketer are that technology is transforming how we market our brands. To make it more successful, it is evident that each and every client in Kenya and all over the world today can be able to access digital channels to check or buy a product online. This is how technology has had an extreme effect on our world and each one of us ought to be on the look out for the latest technology trends. I mean, keeping up with technology!

I want to take this chance to thank Anbarasan Selvaraj for being an amazing colleague and a trainer as well. I would always (and still does) run to him for help when I am stuck. He assisted with kindness and never got tired even when I was a bother to him.

Anbarasan Selvaraj at ISHIDA Europe

Have you ever met a warm C.E.O, full of enthusiasm and who gives you second chances? Well, Allwin C.E.O is. It is because of him I have had a wonderful experience at Allwin. Thank you Sir.

I am an Allwin Digital Marketer and a Brand Ambassador. Every colleague is a friend. Allwin consist of an amazing team and apart from being work mates, we are a family. My special thanks to Vanes Moraa and Julia Wairimu, work mates at Allwin. I have learnt a lot from you ladies. Vanes, you have taught me how to be appreciative of what i have and work towards what i do not. I believe we have the capability of doing the impossible. We are heading places darlings. Lots Love! Happy to be a part of this loving family.


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