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Life as a Digital Marketer

As I write this blog, it is exactly 2 and a half months since I graduated from Kuza Biashara with a certificate in Social Media and Digital Marketing.┬áMy experience at Kuza, as I had mentioned in my last blog Carrying The Dream, Till The Dream Carries Me., was not only vivid , but also unforgettable.… Continue reading Life as a Digital Marketer

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Carrying The Dream, Till The Dream Carries Me.

It was a great, unforgettable experience attending the digital marketing program at Kuza Biashara. Being one of the selected candidates, I was able to interact with experienced and intelligent instructors, brilliant young women, and amazing photographers, among other great people. Personally, I believe that this program was not only organized, but also successful. I enjoyed… Continue reading Carrying The Dream, Till The Dream Carries Me.

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What is SEM/Search Engine Marketing?

It is obvious how many times you have heard digital experts say the term Search Engine Marketing. I too heard it many times before, until I attended a Social Media and Digital Marketing training Program at Kuza Biashara and came to understand it, thanks to my genius trainer Paul Hughson. Today, I will take you… Continue reading What is SEM/Search Engine Marketing?